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Alas, our newsletter has been in hiatus during the years 2002 and 2003.

Index to stories appearing in past issues of The New Reactor

Order disks of the Best of the Reactor - 1985 - 1995

Information appearing in The New Reactor, or on these pages, has been copyrighted (©). Except for certain items reprinted by agreement with other publishers, permission is granted for reproduction of complete articles if our membership and contact information is included. Note: under certain circumstances, articles reprinted by permission in the paper version of the newsletter may not appear on our web site, as we respect copyright agreements.

We request that you contact EHN if you wish to use excerpts or quotes. Call EHN's Suport and Information Line (SAIL) 415.541.5075. Please note, this number is staffed by volunteers who live and work with MCS; there maybe a delay in returning your call. Or, e-mail: with NR on the subject line. Thanks.

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EHN is a 501 (c) (3) non profit agency.
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The New Reactor has been published bimonthly. However it has not been possible to publish during years 2002 and 2003, due to health reasons of two board members.

When publishing, The New Reactor accepts articles, news, and short items. We will accept multiple contributions, but please stick to one topic per submittal. All submissions must be concise and legible, and if the work of others, the submittal MUST come with reprint permission. E-mail transmittal is preferred. All items are subject to edit; there are no guarantees implied regarding the printing of material submitted.

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Our advertisers and articles are reliable to the best of our knowledge; however, no endorsement or any product, service, or therapy is intended or implied. If you choose to try a service, therapy or product mentioned, consult your health care or legal professional for advice.

Again, please remember, all of us with EHN are volunteers who live and work with MCS. We do our very best to respond in a timely manner.

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