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Ocotber 2005 -- EHN's newsletter, The New Reactor, is not mandated by our bylaws, but when we are healthy, it comes to you with your EHN membership. Due to the ill health of our database manager and my own bouts of recovery from several major exposures, and now ARF (acute renal failure), The New Reactor has been in hiatus during years 2002, 2003, 2004 and goodness, now 2005. Nonetheless, we have high hopes for again publishing.

While it looks as if we may never publish again, we have plans to start up again. Now, isn't that life with MCS? We always think and hope that tomorrow we will feel better; well. That's before the next exposure to unnecessary toxins hits us again. And again. However, should our dream come true for "tomorrow," first needed is a database manager, then an editor. Without the database management, there's no way to have a newsletter. And everyone is either too sick or feels they don't have the skills or can't spend much time on a computer. But as we who live with the effects of MCS all know, hope springs eternal. We always think we'll feel better tomorrow and will be able to accomplish that which we couldn't manage today. Trouble happens when those tomorrows start adding up. That, in effect, is what has happened with The New Reactor.

In the meantime, from time to time, I'll try to upload some yet-to-be published articles by Amy Marsh, Betty Bridges, RN and myself in this section, below. -- barb,

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Yet to be published articles appear below.

Year 2001

Year 2000

Year 1999

Year 1998

Year 1997

Year 1996
    Having trouble getting the show on the road, hence the Jan - Feb issue published in May and the Mar - Aug issue, published later that year. -- barb
  • Jan.-Feb; Vol. 6, No. 1 -- published 5/13/96
    Who Cares? Some Do! and Berkeley [goes "fragrance-free," in its fashion]
    By Barb Wilkie

  • Mar - Aug; Vol 6, No. 2
    It's Personal! -- A conversation with an air quality district's representative at Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) regarding fabric softeners on the ambient air
    By Barb Wilkie

Year 1995
    BB (Before barb): Computer crash; lost files; retirement of Susan Molloy.
    Very late in 1995 Barb Wilkie states, "If no one else will tackle the publishing of The New Reactor, I'll give it a try."


Appearing in various published issues of The New Reactor -- dates yet to be determined.

  • Lew Brenneman, MD, PhD - Papers by


    Yet to appear in a published issue of The New Reactor

  • Access or . . .
    Live [work] the adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
    By Barb Wilkie

  • Access and Accommodation for the Chemically /Electromagnetically Injured
    By Barb Wilkie (Lengthy. 1999, with additions through 2005)

  • Back to Civilization
    By Barb Wilkie

  • 90s Workplace, The
    A limerick written for Limerick Day, May 1994
    By Barb Wilkie

  • Death by Perfume?
    By Amy Marsh

  • Fabric Softener Adverse Experiences

    Again (March 2001), the industry reps told me they NEVER get a complaint about fabric softners. Not only have I contacted the industry, but also the CPSC. And, so to have others. I believe us over the industry who claims they haven't received complaints about their products, which are unsubstantiated for safety before release to market. Apparently our information has never been cataloged by industry or government (I asked for a print out of complaints).

    So, folks, tell it to the Consumer Products Safety Commission -- again. Maybe if they hear from enough of us often enough, they will get the idea that one individual's personal choice to use the TRADE SECRET-PROTECTED toxic chemicals in fabric softeners, should not become the neighborhood's polluted air to breathe. Telephone 1-800-638-2772; press 1; press 999 or by CDC's website "Consumer Product Incident Report" form at Be sure to mention your CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM reactions, allergies aren't given priority. And in the case of chemical injury, the term "allergy" is a misnomer anyway. -- barb

  • Fragrances
    A word about petrochemical-derived fragrances by barb wilkie.

  • Please help, I can't breathe
    By Linda D, City College Instructor
    forced to retire due to asthma

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  • 04/03

    Dear Readers:

    Well, this was then: Those of you who know me, know sometimes I'm running on "empty." Or more likely, because I'm living with MCS, it's those lingering fumes that get me down. However, I am resiliant and a determined individual. With that in mind, although the issues of The New Reactor are woefully late, I'm working on them and trying to climb out of "NR debt." I've finally gotten the year 2001 wrapped up. Now onto "mustard"ing the ability to "relish" playing "ketchup." (With all due thanks to fellow punster, Sue Hodges.

    To the readers of The New Reactor, my apologies for my tardiness, barb

    And THIS is now! I had high hopes of getting The New Reactor published again, but now 2005 is half over and its been since 2002 that I was able to carry that load. Most importantly, we lost our database manager to ill health and that, combined with my own inabilities, means that EHN's newsletter is in hiatus. YOU could change that by volunteering to be a database manager and find a friend to be the editor of The New Reactor . . . or vice versa. With hope, barb

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